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Buoshishi Oil and Gas Services Ltd

About Us.
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• Protect health and safety and preserve environmental quality
• Maintain high standards for ethical conduct.
• Enhance economic vitality of the com-munities where we operate, Respect and trust one another as we carry out our roles and responsibilities. Improvement
• Advocate a learning culture that em-braces positive changes and benefits from lessons learned.
• Create professional development plans, team assignments, cross training activi-ties and educational opportunities that promote personal growth.
• Mentor and coach to improve perfor-mance and expand knowledge while main-taining whole-life balance.
• Evaluate and monitor performance against stretch goals and internal/external benchmarks Performance.
• Create and sustain a culture that is passionate about teamwork, open commu-nication, our values, performance and success.
• Promote best-in-class exploration, de-velopment and acquisition activities.
• Align and leverage competencies and resources to efficiently execute projects and achieve our goals.
• Earn a competitive rate of return on high-value opportunities while exercising financial discipline.
• Empower people to make effective deci-sions and unleash an entrepreneurial spirit that fosters innovation and creativity.

Buoshishi Oil and Gas Services Ltd

Buoshishi Oil and Gas Services Ltd is an indige-nous Oil & Gas Servicing Company dedicated to the provision of services to the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry with an arcade of competent and dedicated workforce, goodwill and years of quality experience in the business.

We are committed to being a premier oil and gas company and top-tier performer by creating value through sustainable, efficient growth in reserves and production, and by contributing to the country's energy security. We provide challenging and rewarding opportunities, we respect and trust each other, and we behave as ethical and respon-sible stewards wherever we operate.

Mission Statemment
Our mission is to deliver outstanding operating and financial results by aggressively building and managing a balanced portfolio of oil and gas properties with an assortment of growth opportunities covering a range of risks and rewards. We accomplish this by building a culture committed to effective stewardship, continuous improvement, and pure performance.